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Online fundraising is the latest and one of the fastest growing channel where web marketing tools are used to capture donors online. With the increasing use of social portals, online fundraising proves out to be one of the most cost effective methods so far. At SPERO, we use different E-Fundraising channels to help Non Profits expand their capacity and meet their desired fundraising goals.

These are few of the strategies applied at SPERO for E-Fundraising :
  • Online Giving/ Online Donation- This is the general and most adopted method of fundraising where we promote website of our clients for online donations through stand along merchant accounts, PayPal etc.
  • Text2Help- In this we use Mobile text messages to spread awareness for the cause. Telethons are carefully run to raise funds specially at time of a natural calamity.
  • Social NET-FUNDing- By Social NET-FUNDing we mean generating funds through social networking channels. We write blogs, use viral email campaigns, Twitter, Facebook and many more social platforms to promote the cause and raise funds.
  • Affiliate Fundraising- Our team uses artery of online stores to pay our client (NGO) when a product is sold through browser clicks or an application installed that recognizes the purchase & identify our client to that purchase. We also use various internet advertising models like PPC (Pay Per Click) to direct traffic to websites, in which advertiserspay the publisher i.e (NGO) This provides a solution for supporters to provide donations without any cost to them.