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Some Key Features of Department

  • Educated and Well Trained Staff
  • Regular Product Training
  • Technology Driven Approach With Innovative Ideas
  • Assured Results - Value Acceleration Modules



Talking to people who may not know your organization and who have no known connection to it. Usually done either at commercial area, government offices, corporate and residential.


If you're a fundraiser, you've likely heard the term "donor retention." It's one of the hottest topics of discussion in the nonprofit sector. But what is donor retention? And why is it important?

In-House Operations

Every organization would be very happy if they run their In- house operation successfully independently as it gives total control to monitor the fundraising effort with the lowest cost over a period of time.


Samreet Chauhan - BA (Hons)


Vice President, Operations


Varun Vasudeva - MBA (HR/Marketing)




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